Half Sphere Silicone Molds


These are amazing non stick silicone molds that can be used for the super popular hot cocoa chocolate bombs, mousses, 3D cookies, meringue shells and isomalt.  They come in 3 sizes:

  • large  (6 cavity)  2.8” in diameter
  • medium (8 cavity) 2” in diameter
  • small (15 cavity) 1.5” in diameter
  • extra small (24 cavity) 1.1” in diameter


For chocolate bombs, 1 large per mug or 2 medium.  I find the medium will fit nicely in any standard sized mug and, you can  mix and match your flavours for a little added fun!

All prices in Canadian Dollars.  You will be invoiced in Canadian currency, and billed in your currency on  your credit card statement.
I recommend selecting Tracked Packages outside of Canada, especially during the holiday season.  The most cost effective shipping will be chosen for free shipping, there is no tracking for free shipping outside of Canada.



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