Lemonade Facebook Class


*This class was filmed live and is now available to purchase.  To access all course content and videos, you will need to be added to the private Facebook Group. Once the purchase has been made, allow 24 hours to receive an email containing a link to the group.*

Join us for this fun class and learn the following:
1. To show you how to get the correct icing consistencies that we’ll be using.
2. showing you how to make the icing transfers (lemons, glasses of lemonade, lemon blossoms).
3. How to cut some of the shapes I have used in the set, using every day shapes.
4. How to make your very own stencil for the gingham (buffalo check) pattern using a pair of scissors and something you all have at home. Templates to hand cut specific cookies, and patterns for the icing transfers will be provided to you ahead of time as well.
Just some of the things you’ll be learning.
– icing consistencies
– flooding
– wet on wet
– hand cutting cookies
– making a striped or gingham stencil
– hand painting
– icing transfers
– royal icing lemon blossoms
– stencilling with an airbrush and royal icing
– 3D effects
– line work with markers and a paint brush
Plus as anyone that’s taken a class from me knows, there is always more lol.

Class price is in Canadian Dollars.  Your credit card statement will reflect the class price in your currency.


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