Creepy Halloween Cutter Set


A fabulous Creepy Halloween Cookie Cutter Set.  How will you decorate yours?  Have any ideas for flips?  Let us know!!

*hand wash only* in warm water.  Dishwashers will melt the cutter.


I’ve been so exited to introduce this amazing, Creepy Halloween Cookie Cutter Set.  Halloween can be cute, it can be creepy…how will you decorate yours?

3D cutters take up to a week to produce and ship.  Wash in warm water *hand wash only* heat from a dishwasher will melt them.

Whats Included:   Vampire Cutter 4”, Frankenstein 3.75”, Devil 4”, Creepy Clown 3.75”, Zombie  Hand 5”, Eyeball 4”, Creepy Tree 4”, Creepy Pumpkin 3.5”

*NOTE* – measurements are taken from the longest or widest point on cutter.
These are detailed cutters, when cutting out dough, you can use a paint brush to help coax dough out of narrow areas.  Chilled dough ALWAYS makes your dough easier to handle.  Have FUN, and show us what you make!


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